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GENUIN Classics has released 3 CDs of the Duo Lontano with four hand piano works by Felix Mendelssohn (2015), Franz Schubert (2019) and music from South America (2020).

Duo Lontano - CD-Cover - Mendelssohn (2015)

"Duo Lontano fully complement each other in this excellently recorded disc."
Lance G. Hill (Classical Music Guide)

GENUIN Classics hat 3 CDs des Duo Lontano mit vierhändigen Klavierwerken von Felix Mendelssohn (2015), Franz Schubert (2019) sowie mit Musik aus Lateinamerika (2020) herausgegeben.

Duo Lontano - CD-Cover - Franz Schubert (2019)

"Ein großartiges Ensemble, zwei wunderbare Pianisten, drei Gipfelpunkte der Kammermusik."
Christof Jetzschke

"Klangvoll schönes und ausgeglichenes Vierhändig-Spiel."
Ingo Harden (Fono Forum)

GENUIN Classics ha editato 3 CDs del Duo Lontano con música para piano a cuatro manos de Felix Mendelssohn (2015) y Franz Schubert (2019), asi como música de Latinoamérica (2020).

Duo Lontano - CD-Cover - Latin (2015)

"These mood changes and rich fare are all captured well by this accomplished duo and that, coupled with the idiomatic arrangements, makes for an entertaining programme. All in all, an engaging release."
Rob Challinor
(Music Web International)

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